About our tours for University students:

Here is a company that specializes in tours for students. Each student will receive a personal attention during our tours. World is a classroom, but we need a strong infrastructure for the students to really get a unique experience, both in knowledge and travel experience.

Here are reviews from two professors who have led tours with us:

“I have lead 2 international tours to the Catalonia region of Spain and we used Yvan’s company for the in-country coordinator. I would give him very high marks for the role he has played with KSU and especially with our undergraduate students.
I know his experience with: Culinary and a marvelous hands-on cooking school by a very well known chef (he has been invited to cook to the King), Food Science, research institutes, food engineering companies that make food equipment, and a whole host of small and medium food production plants that range from chocolate, olive oil, Spanish dry hams and sausages, wine making and grape production, rice farms and processing, some fruit and vegetables, and huge east coast fish ports, unloading of boats, live electronic marketing of seafood to a large part of Spain and also some international markets. There are several other food commodities in Catalonia but we had to make choices.

Yvan also can arrange tours for a variety of art and also for architectural experiences .

Yvan has a great way with students, speaks Spanish, Catalan, French, English, and Japanese — and probably more European languages. He has a track record of arranging tours in France (his parents live there) that focus on culinary, food, and most certainly art and architecture. Any one in Catalonia would also want to visit Barcelona, a city that Yvan knows very well.”

Dr Melvin Hunt, Professor Emeritus KSU

“I would like to recommend Yvan Mas of Enjoy Studies Abroad for any university Faculty Led Program. As a faculty member at San Jose State University I have had the pleasure of being introduced to  Yvan a few years before actually having him lead one of my student programs. I knew I always wanted to have a program in Spain focusing on Food, Culture, and Environmental Nutrition issues and when I had the opportunity to build it, Yvan was the perfect person to help me realize my goals. After listening to my course objectives, he put together a very comprehensive itinerary which not only fulfilled the academic goals of the program but ensured for the success of all aspects of the trip including logistics, accommodations, scheduling, etc.. The two week program which included a week in Barcelona and a week based in Girona included activities such as a visit to a chocolate museum, olive oil producer, an artesinal fresh cheese producer, as well as visits to rice growing fields and a dairy farm. He had planned a good balance of food related visits and cultural visits as well. All the visits were carefully coordinated and it was very apparent to me that Yvan has had very long standing and excellent relationships with many of these local organizations. My students and I always felt like we were in good hands not only with Yvan, but with anyone he coordinated with in addition to the guides at the visits and even our motor coach driver. It was very clear to me during the entire program that Yvan paid close attention to my students and their needs. He is very personable and answered what seemed like dozens (maybe hundreds!) of questions from my students and myself. He is very patient and detail oriented. I feel very good about the program he put together for my students and it was high quality throughout. I definitely plan to work with Yvan and Enjoy Studies Abroad for future programming needs!”

Deepa Singamsetti, MS RDN


Department of Nutrition and Food Science

San Jose State University