Planning, Pre-Departure and On-Site Services

Because each Enjoy Studies Abroad Program is customized to fit your institution’s needs, the process will differ slightly in every case. Our team will provide personalized service both before and during your study abroad program.

Planning Services

  • Highly experienced Partnership staff to help you design a customized program to meet your needs
  • Flexibility on program length and dates—We can accommodate short and longer  programs

Pre-Departure Services

  • Promotional materials and advice on how to recruit students
  • Orientation services including extensive materials to help students plan for their program

On-Site Services

  • Experienced Program Coordinator
  • Round-trip airport transfers
  • Extensive orientation program
  • Accommodation in apartments, dorms, hotels or homestays (depending on location/duration)
  • Meal plans
  • Classrooms with audio/visual equipment
  • Internet access for students
  • Specialized courses taught by local adjunct professors
  • Administrative support for faculty including Internet access
  • Local lectures
  • Inclusive or subsidized cultural program
  • 24/7 emergency contact service and on-site emergency preparedness procedures
  • Program evaluation

Cancellation Policy

A deposit (accorded with ESA) is due 3 months before the beginning of the Study Abroad program.
One month before the first day of the program, the rest from the total amount of the tour (accorded with ESA) has to be paid.

If a cancellation from the student is due 8 days before the beginning of
the program, the total amount of the program will be returned except the deposit.

If the cancellation from the client is due 7 days or less before the beginning of the tour, there will be no return of the amount accorded with ESA.

If ESA cancels a tour, at any date, it will return the total amount accorded between the client and ESA.

We recommend the students to always take a travel and personal insurance with him.