Why study abroad

The experience can help you:

• Develop new perspectives on Food Science subjects and real-world issues
Study abroad lets you study a variety of subjects in more depth and from different cultural perspectives. Outside the classroom, your personal education is enhanced through daily interactions in the foreign culture.
• Achieve proficiency in foreign food industries
Visits to forein Food Industries will expand your knowledge to become global
• Experience personal growth
Study abroad is a challenging adventure, academically and personally. Students who return from abroad consistently report that they developed a greater sense of independence and confidence in their capabilities.
• Develop valuable career skills

Students who study abroad often develop career skills that make them especially marketable, including:
o Critical thinking and problem solving
o Independence and self confidence
o Teamwork and communication
o Motivation and leadership
o Flexibility and adaptability
o Creativity
o An expanded world view and multicultural perspective

Studying abroad is a rewarding experience on many levels. Below are just a few of the benefits:
• Expand your knowledge linked to what you are studying
• Change your world perspective
• Explore another culture
• Learn more about your own culture
• Experience personal growth
• Build your résumé

For Parents:
Study abroad allows students to engage in a life-changing experience that forever alters the way they view the world around them. In addition, studying abroad can help differentiate your child as they graduate and enter the workforce in the coming years.
To become a “Global Citizen” in today’s interconnected world
Now, more than ever, our world is interconnected. To be successful — personally, intellectually, and professionally — you must become a “global citizen,” skilled at interacting in and between multiple cultures and capable of analyzing issues on a global level.